The Water Tastes Delicious

My Uncle Johnny and Aunt Christy brought me and my boys to New Hampshire tonight.  It was Jacob and Matt's first time visiting New Hampshire.  We went to a trampoline place called Launch.  After jumping for thirty minutes, we decided to take a break, and while Matt drank Gatorade, earned after an early injury while jumping, Jacob and I opted for ice cold delicious tap water.  It was really, really good.  After we took our drinks, Jacob showed me an enormous, water-only, Aquafina vending machine.  What a waste!!  We both thought - the water is right there - free - cold - and delicious.  It's a shame more people don't stand up for tap - it's less costly, less wasteful, leads to less environmental degradation, better promotes human rights and water for all - could there be an easier choice?


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